Baccus Investments specialises in secured fixed interest investments, offering attractive returns to investors & fast, competitive finance solutions for borrowers.


Baccus works with a national network of property and investor clients, with active transactions in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Baccus is the evolution of the law firm, R.L Kremnizer and Co. Solicitors which opened its doors in 2002. Baccus has originated and managed mortgages with an aggregate value over $1.2 billion.

The structure of our Fund gives each Investor the opportunity to make its own choice as to which loans they wish to participate in. Each loan is a separate syndicate and all benefits (and risks) are limited to the Investor in that syndicate.



  • Investments secured against first mortgage security with the investor on title. Loan to Value Ratio on first mortgage investments typically to 65%.
  • Distribution rates paid on 1st mortgage investments 7.00% to 10.00%. Past performance is not indicative of nor a guarantee of future performance.
  • The Fund is contributory mortgage scheme where the investor selects to invest in one or more of the Mortgage Investments. They are not equivalent to bank deposits.
  • Limited mortgage investments secured against 2nd mortgage security for very experienced investors.
  • There are investment risks which include those described in the PDS.

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  • Interest rate on 1st mortgages available on application.Past performance is not indicative of nor a guarantee of future performance
  • Due date for interest payments is the same calendar day of each month as the day of the month on which the loan is made.
  • Standard term is 12 or 24 months.
  • Mainly commercial and industrial, and in limited circumstances, residential loans.
  • Properties located in New South Wales, Queensland & Victoria.

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